The story of our latest blog is the Zonto project, which comes with crypto-base. It is a decentralized project, without a central authority, based on a blockchain. Zonto is a platform that has multiple components in itself and unifies your need for digital content. It is a complex combination of software, solutions, services and technology, but it works all the way and provides the best experience. The starting point for all components is the social network, to which all other modules are upgraded. Also, the platform will have tokens, without which nothing would be possible because the economy can not be maintained without them. Furthermore, there will also be a communicator through which you will be able to talk to one another. A token will also need a wallet that will provide the Zonto Platform. There are a lot of additional things that will be greatly useful. Zonto covers all the major platforms, so it will come out on the Android market and iOS store. It’s also a web version.

There are many developers, designers, marketing experts, financiers, consultants etc. in the Zonto team. Together, they have the knowledge they need to tackle any challenge they face in their journey. Many projects do not have the expertise and a wide range of people as this project has.

Zonto is a platform in which people with business interests can use this application to profit in their business sector, unlike other social networking platforms, zonto is a clear function intended for the usefulness of people in business.

If you have a business,

Which requires the media to advertise the right, it is better to use the zonto service, if you are a freelance also can find a job zonto short terms, there is also an environment for advertising, buy goods through the market zonto,

And many others are useful for good and productive value.

On one Zonto platform, we will benefit from the functions provided in the form of job search for freelancers, rental real estate or job search / employees who are in search / service functions.

We can also see the potential that exists around our living space through the zonto Maps function,

As well as Google maps, but it will be obvious whether around the residence we are opening a job or a business opportunity for us.

Equipment for business ZONTON

Zonto CRM: CRM-system for partners ZONTO, integrated with profiles

Participants of the social network ZONTO.

Zoto Customer Reference: A complex system for building feedback from existing and

Potential clients

Zonto Push: targeted advertising services

Zonto Advertisement: a tool for advertising in the social network Zonto

Zonto E-

Trade: Platform for buying and selling

Zonto Business Agents and many others.

Other additional services:


And other projects:

ZONTO DELIVERY: Just like supplying food, such as go Fo * D in Indonesia and similar services

ZONTO TAXI: Taxi Service

Currently, Zonto will provide an application platform on the system application for Android, web applications and iOS Application

Due to the limited language barrier, Zonto plans to make it available in other languages:

Languages ​​are planned to be available:


– Ukrainian

– Russian

– Czech Republic

Gelombang Kedua

– Spanish

– Chinese

– Arabic

– French

– Portuguese

– Japanese

– Turkish

– German

Gelombang Ketiga

– Italian

– Korean

– Polish

– Hindi

– Farsi


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