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We know this nowadays crypto development is very broad and already known by many people, this is the latest breakthrough for the world economy, every time and where the person is located you can access it, many people who successfully achieve their dreams because they follow the development of cryprocurrency. Many investors are interested and you can also invest in it let us recall what ever said by world billionaires such as:

Mr. Bill Gates founder of microsof once said “The Future of money is digital currency” and also Mr. Jack Ma founder of Alibaba once said “Cryptocurrency is the key to your future wealth”

On this occasion I will discuss about the crypto that is for you that is about  The 4th Pillar

The 4th Pillar ? 

The 4th Pillar, empower individuals to build a verified professional history identity, their personal decentralized savings crypto fund and at the same time, organizations can send multiple cross border payments, work-related documentation, recruit based on verified data and help reducing carbon&ecological footprint with document digitization. The FOUR token serves as main value, connects and fuels the 4th Pillar ecosystem.

The 4th Pillar concept  

The 4th Pillar is a platform concept that gives back free choice and full control over fnancial
crypto savings to the people, bypassing the costs of intermediaries. But at the same time solving
the worker’s digital identity problem and private documentation distribution (i.e. employment
contracts, payroll slips, annexes, CVs, medical reports, performance reports, work history reports).
The 4
th Pillar platform will enable organizations to transfer digital value directly, cutting costs of
middle men. It will provide the world’s frst truly automated and validated employee evaluation
system, perfect also for all recruiters, in a discrete manner.

Features and technical platform description

DAPP (4th Pillar platform) main features:• Transfer and management of FOUR tokens
• Blockchain professional identity employee decentralised database with validated automated
non-discriminatory evaluation system
• IPFS peer to peer transfer of pay slips and work-related documents

Transfer and management of FOUR tokens:

Our simple but effective token transfer feature will enable organizations to reward or transfer FOUR
tokens directly to their employees without any intermediaries (e.g. banks), therefore saving time
and costs. It gives the individuals a possibility to save some part of the salary, yearly bonus or
other income in their own personal savings font wallet. The challenge is to build a self-managed
th Pillar decentralised personal savings pension fund, which is funded by the organization for
which the individual is working for. Individual will have an option of building its own 4
th Pillar
personal savings or pension fund under his or her total control.

Blockchain professional identity employee decentralized database with validated
automated non-discriminatory evaluation system:

The heart of the project lies in database of individuals with secure digital blockchain ID, which is
a long-term solution equivalent to a current passport. It enables individuals to store their work
history securely for long periods of time, to provide them in the future, when switching jobs.
External users of the 4
th Pillar platform will also have the possibility to browse through the 4th Pillar
ecosystem and anonymously discover individuals based on their location, work expertise, years
of experience and current employment status. The system will provide an automatic verifed and
non-discriminatory professional identity evaluation, based on imported measurable data, making
recruitment easier and more transparent. As systems validated automatic evaluation is not based
on any discriminatory characteristics (e.g. gender, age, race, religion, sick leaves, parental leave
information or other parental care rights, age) it will enable employers and recruiters to act with
respect to terms and conditions of employment on non-discriminatory basis, such as education,
additional courses, additional professional knowledge, linguistic knowledge, years of service, work
commitment and work performance. Individuals will have a possibility to choose and regulate their
platform exposure.

Peer to peer transfer of pay slips and work-related documents:

Regular old fashion paper transfer of pay slips and other work-related documents can be very
expensive for the organizations. In some countries, the organization is obliged to send pay slips to
their employees in a closed envelope (for security reasons as payroll data is highly confdential)
and the employees are obliged to confrm the receipt of such envelope, usually by signing it.
On the organization’s side, it is also wise to keep all pay slips for the future, for example as
an evidence for calculating their pension. 4
th Pillar platform will enable sending such highly
confdential documents in a much cheaper and safer way, meeting all the legal standards. This
will be enabled using IPFS (interplanetary fle system) in combination of cryptography (4
th Pillar
browser add-on and later mobile application), Ethereum blockchain and 4th Pillar platform.
IPFS is a peer-to-peer distributed fle system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the
same system of fles. In some ways, IPFS is similar to the World Wide Web, but IPFS could be seen
as a single Bit Torrent swarm, exchanging objects within one Git repository. In other words, IPFS
provides a high-throughput, content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed
hyperlinks. This accomplishes two functions: authentication, where the public key verifes a holder
of the paired private key sent the message, and encryption, where only the paired private key
holder can decrypt the message encrypted with the public key. In a public key encryption system,
any person can encrypt a message using the receiver’s public key. In this case: payroll data. That
encrypted message can only be decrypted with the receiver’s private key. To be practical, the
generation of a public and private key -pair must be computationally economical. The strength of
a public key cryptography system relies on the computational effort (work factor in cryptography)
required to fnd the private key from its paired public key. If so, effective security only requires
keeping the private key private; the public key can be openly distributed without compromising
security. In other words, the information about the sent pays slip and its receiver is public, but only
the recipient is able to view its content. Besides, additional encrypted backup for the employers
and employees will be enabled, as the documentation is stored on both sides. The encrypted
backup is accessible only by the payslip owner – the individual.

Platform login:

Platform will offer three login options: login for individuals, organizations and recruiters. When
users will sign up for the DAPP (i.e. decentralized application) platform, they will have to complete
KYC process, in order for their digital ID to be established. Firstly customized browser Chrome and
Firefox add-on will be developed and later on also a mobile app. The add-on will create user’s
key / wallet, public key for encryption / decryption and access to work-related documents. Once
registered, a unique user’s address will be provided within the 4th Pillar network, meant for storing,
sending, receiving FOUR tokens and accessing work-related documents. The platform will use
Ethereum blockchain and token teleportation service (TTS) with combination of 4th Pillar scalable
cloud servers. 4
th Pillar complete token economy will use FOUR tokens as its main value and gas.
TTS interface provides Ethereum accounts with the ability to transfer the ERC20 tokens without
having to pay for the Ethereum network transaction fees in ethers (ETH). Instead, the account pays
for the token transfer fees in the token being transferred. The gas fees in FOUR tokens for using 4
thPillar blockchain will be minimal.

Individual wallet / account:

Individuals will have the access to their wallet/account with a unique private key, generated by
the system browser add-on or mobile app, where FOUR tokens, work related documentation and
their digital ID will be stored. Digital assets FOUR tokens will be in individuals’ control to manage, sell
or exchange. Digital professional identity ID will also be in individuals’ control with possibility to be
updated during years by the employer’s side. Individuals will be able to directly deposit tokens to
their address or receive them from their employer from the bonus rewarding system.

Organization wallet / account:

Organizations will have their own platform access, accessible with browser add-on with their
employee’s ledger of account/wallet addresses, where FOUR tokens and pay slips can be
transferred simultaneously on multiple level and with minimal cost

Business concept, token value and token flow

The 4 th Pillar revenue model:

The 4th Pillar business concept is founded on the following revenue channels:
• 4
th Pillar organization earns gas fees from the FOUR token blockchain transactions
• 4
th Pillar organization sells FOUR tokens to organizations for their employee rewards and gas
• 4
th Pillar organization sells platform subscriptions to organizations, recruiters and Human
Resources agencies

Development phases

The 4th Pillar business concept is divided into phases, business time development sections
(as described in the roadmap).


The year 2017 was dedicated to the 4th Pillar business, legal and tax research.


Crowdfunding is needed to rise the contributions to expand the 4th Pillar project.
We have budgeted every detail of this operation, as we are used to transparent and clear
budget allocation. (Check further budgeting details in the business plan section)


Several key systems will be developed, such as; (1) 4th Pillar DAPP; (2) 4th Pillar smart contracts;
(3) FOUR token teleportation service; (4) 4
th Pillar end wallet, and (4) IPFS distributed web, peerto-peer hypermedia protocol integration.


To implement the 4th Pillar plan, a new organization is needed, which will handle development,
implementation, sales and support. To implement full transparency over the business a CEO, CFO
and Sales Director will be recruited.

Phase 5: SE EUROPE

As we are already operating in SE Europe, this is where we will start. Sales Teams will be developed
to cover the regions of (1) Slovenia; (2) Croatia; (3) Serbia; (4) Macedonia, and (5) Bulgaria.

Phase 6: EUROPE

With the implemented and fully adapted 4th Pillar platform, we can now move to Europe and start
the wide scale adoption. To achieve that a European marketing campaign will have to be done
and additional Sales Representatives will have to be hired.
To achieve full European coverage, additional sales and support teams will be established and
new offces will have to be opened.


During the years we have experienced a huge lack of workforce in Europe. Issues that are st
concerning current workforce and recruitment industry are also:
• Attracting potential applicant’s attention (noise).
• Finding enough qualifed candidates.
• High Cost of Employee Acquisition and Non-transparent employee history (including the
in the existing CV).
• Hard to defne incentive schemes to help move people across borders and make switch
th Pillar will help solve the above issues with a decentralized mobile application/platform.

Research and StrategyMeasure everything, try new things, and learn what works. We want to show community and
audience our value differentiation, strength of our team, and to ultimately understand the
demographics and the key messages we will convey and how will they resonate.
Owned Media Channel CreationIt is never about how many channels we own, but their strength. From our website to our blog,
social channels, newsletters, reviews or community board presences. We have strategized each
and every single touch point.

Regulatory compliance
Personal data protection
Regulatory and legal compliance for European region will be prepared by our project’s law frm
Jadek & Pensa, based in Ljubljana (Slovenia). We are cooperating with their blockchain legal
experts, which is an innovative and forward looking highly respected law frm. They provide
comprehensive and straightforward legal advice that is essential for a feld as dynamic as

Regulatory compliance
Personal data protection
Regulatory and legal compliance for European region will be prepared by our project’s law frm
Jadek & Pensa, based in Ljubljana (Slovenia). We are cooperating with their blockchain legal
experts, which is an innovative and forward looking highly respected law frm. They provide
comprehensive and straightforward legal advice that is essential for a feld as dynamic as
Legal audit is also going to be performed by Jadek & Pensa, where all of the 4
th Pillar platform’s
features are being covered. If some of the platform’s functions would not comply with the EU
labour legislation, those functions would be regionally adopted or excluded. Terms and Conditions
as well as Privacy Policy prepared by Jadek & Pensa will be published on our webpage according
to the timeline and current phase (early contributors, pre-sale, and crowdsale). When establishing
th Pillar we have duly considered all legal guidelines, international and domestic. As blockchain
is currently not a subject of blockchain-dedicated legal acts, we act according to the best
knowledge of our lawyers, taking into consideration not only the domestic or international acts,
which are already established and may be applicable in our case, but also those which are yet to
be published.

Personal data protection 
We are frmly committed to protect collected and processed personal data and designing our
platform incompliance of individual’s personal data privacy, which will be protected at the highest
level. We will make sure that all processes of individual’s personal data will be audited and acquire
certifcations of our conducts, processes and security measures regarding personal data by
respective certifcation authorities under the EU General data protection regulation.
The individuals will be able to choose a level of privacy, according to their needs and desires on
the 4
th Pillarplatform. They will also be able to unpublished their personal data

KYC policyKYC (Know Your Customer) is the process of a business identifcation and client’s identity
verifcation. KYC includes procedures of primary identifcation of customers from fnancial
institutions and companies acting as cryptocurrency exchanges. Strict compliance with the
KYC policy protects the customers and us from criminal elements such as money laundering
or terrorism fnancing. As security transaction is our main priority we keep a high standard of
costumer identifcation and provided information verifcation. If we have a reasonable assumption,
that our customer might be involved in any kind of criminal activity, we reserve the right to refuse
cooperation and reject their funds without any additional explanation. Only contributors which
have successfully identifed themselves in the KYC procedure will be eligible to participate in the
th Pillar token public sale. The carried-out KYC will be based on the current market standards and
will comply with the applicable laws. We guarantee that the best efforts will be made in order to
keep information and transferred personal details confdential.

Anti-Money Laundering policy
The 4
th Pillar ltd. recognizes the importance of preventing money laundering and terrorism
fnancing and commits to the highest standards of Anti-Money Laundering and Combating
Terrorist Financing (‘AML/CTF’). The 4
th Pillar ltd., headquartered in Slovenia, is subject to applicable
legislation designed to prevent AML/CTF.
To fulfl this commitment, the 4
th Pillar ltd. establishes internal policies and procedures.

Customer Due DiligenceTo prevent AML/CTF, the 4th Pillar ltd. will implement processes and procedures to conduct
appropriate customer due diligence, customer identifcation and customer’s identity verifcation on
the basis of the following “Know Your Customer” principles:
• Customer provided documentation (Verifcation Checking).
• Customer information obtained from reliable and independent sources (Ownership Checking).
Unusual activity during the customer due diligence process or customer engagement should
be immediately reported to the designated Money Laundering Reporting Offcer (‘MLRO’) or the
Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Offcer (‘Deputy MLRO’).

 High Risk Customers

The 4th Pillar ltd. will not do business with the following risky customers:
• Individuals included in any offcial lists of sanctions.
• Individuals indicating possible involvement in criminal activities, based on available information about
• Individuals with businesses of which activity or source of founds legitimacy can’t be reasonably
• Individuals refusing to provide the required information or documentation.
• Entities whose shareholder/control structure cannot be determined.

Record KeepingCustomer documentation can either be submitted in physical or electronic form. An appropriate record
of received documentation, copies or reference to the customer’s documentation will be kept.
Records will be kept for as long as the relationship endures with the customer and for at least fve years
after the relationship ends. In countries where this period exceeds the established period of time, the
legally established time period will be considered to comply with local law.

Financial forecasts and budgetsWe have created 3 fnancial forecasts depending on fund raising ability. All fnancial forecasts
are prepared for 4 year period year and are based on organization development in terms of
Headcount (Full Time Equivalent). In all forecasts 4
th Pillar Organization is sales driven, selling
services and tokens of the HR Blockhain Platform.
Hard Cap – 12M capital will be raised through the TGE process. Most realistic forecast.Mid Cap – 5M capital will be raised through the TGE process. Modest forecast.Soft Cap – 2M capital will be raised through the TGE process. Pessimistic and conservative


We strongly believe in transparency and will devote all of our strength to deliver the product
according to the roadmap (as described in the business plan section) without any setbacks.

2017 (PHASE 1 – CONCEPT)• Regulatory and legal compliance research and project adaptation

2018 and Q2 (PHASE 2 – CONTRIBUTION)• 20th of January, start of the EARLY CONTRIBUTION
• Date to be announced, FOUR token PRE-SALE
• 2nd of April, the 4 thPillar platform BETA• Date to be announced, FOUR token CROWDSALE and TGE
• The end of June EXCHANGE LISTING

2018 Q3 (PHASE 3 – PLATFORM)• 4th Pillar DAPP platform testing
• 4
th Pillar smart contract testing
• 4
th Pillar Ethereum blockchain token wallets testing

2018 Q4 (PHASE 4 – EMPLOYMENT)• CEO and CFO recruitment
• Sales Director recruitment
• The establishment of the organization
• P2P IPFS work-related document distribution – platform update

2019 & 2020 Q1 and Q2 (PHASE 5 – SE EUROPE)• The 4th Pillar mobile app launch
• SE Europe regional marketing
• SE Europe sales and 4
th Pillar system integration
• 2018 Financial audit report
• Recruiter DAPP module
• Synch DAPP module
• 2019 Financial audit report
• Blockchain database & evaluation platform update

2019 Q3 + (PHASE 6 – EUROPE)• European marketing project campaign
• European sales expansion
• European sales and 4
th Pillar system integration
• European technical and sales support development
• Further project development


• TGE event: CROWDSALE start day
• Token symbol: FOUR
• Blockchain: Ethereum
• Maximum number of FOUR tokens issued: 400.000.000 (100%)
• FOUR tokens distributed in public sale: 152.000.000 (38%)
• Decimals: 18
• Initial value: 0.10 €
• Token standard: ERC-20

Team and advisors


co-founder, CEOTali started his entrepreneur career in the year 1998, specializing in various felds from investment,
human resources, online marketing etc. Currently he is fnishing his doctorate specializing in online
brand development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Overwhelmed with Bitcoin and blockchain,
he brought the idea behind the 4
th Pillar to light.


co-founder, CEODušan has over 25 years of experience in various businesses as a CFO, CEO and HR recruiter. He
has successfully created, helped, consulted and led many start-ups as well as corporations. For
the past 10 years, he has been the co-founder and CEO of Naton HR and WS – one of the largest
HR agencies in Europe.


co-founder, CFORoman started his professional career in 1995 as a fnance manager at a capital fund. Since then,
he has been working in the pharmaceutical industry and has amassed broad experience in the
felds of sales, marketing, fnance, and general management. Currently he is a shareholder in a
healthcare company and owns an HR Agency.


co-founder, CMOJaka began his professional career in marketing 25 years ago. During that time, he was
responsible for out-of-the-box solutions for many international corporations’ active in the Adriatic
region. His passion has brought him to the crossroads where he can confront his marketing skills
with blockchain solutions.


co-founder, Pension Insurance Law SpecialistAnton has more than 15 years of experience in the feld of both national and international pension
insurance law. He also has exceptional experience and practical skills in media communication
and other forms of communication with various audiences.

DENIS JAZBEC, CITODenis is a web developer with more than 10 years of experience and a computer science degree.
He is highly profcient in PHP, JS, MySQL. His focus remains set on quality and secure, fast fnal



result-driven sports enthusiast with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and
communications. His constant search for new and non-traditional marketing solutions and
developing market demands led him to the social media/digital marketing feld. Today he is
working as a digital marketing consultant, focusing mainly on international projects.


Matic crossed paths with digital marketing 10 years ago and has been upgrading his skills ever
since. He is a CEO in a digital marketing agency called Epic, which is a Google Premier Partner.
With his knowledge and experience, he has helped many brands – both national and international
– to develop innovative and successful marketing campaigns.


Miša started her marketing journey by studying Marketing Communications and Public Relations
as a member of the Marketing Association of Slovenia where she worked mostly in the felds
of event management and digital PR. Later she pursued her digital marketing enthusiasm as a
community manager and display specialist at various advertising agencies. Now she is focusing
on social media management and advertising through business consulting and is running global
advertising campaigns.


Nataša is a marketing enthusiast. Her career started in market research and moved into
creative marketing. She is the founder of Boutique Story, a marketing agency solving tourism
issues. Recently she combined her marketing expertise with blockchain and began working as a
copywriter for innovative ICO projects.


Silvo has been present in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world from the very start. His regional
popularity as a musician has led to a strong social media presence that will be fully utilized in the
th pillar ICO marketing process.




Nikola is an entrepreneurial and result-driven executive with a proven track record of accelerated
growth in an integrated range of communication services to national and multinational clients
across CEE. With his 20+ years’ experience working in various countries for the largest global
communications company – WPP Plc.


Dejan is a business entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience on the market. He has successfully
conducted innovative marketing campaigns for his optician store, Real Estate Company and other
business investments.


Tadej has worked in the fnance sector since 2000. He specializes in mediation between fnancial
institutions and private companies, often dealing with crisis management and team restructuring.


Dražen is the Principal of COTRUGLI Business School specialized in strategy, entrepreneurship,
leadership, and blockchain. He is also the founder of the biggest blockchain conference in the
region, Blockchain Adria, covering Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria.


A tech guy supporting different marketing activities throughout the region, Jaka began to pursue
his blockchain analytics passion 4 years ago, when he started mining different cryptocurrencies.
This fast moving industry led him understand crypto market movements and predicting future


Brane started his professional journey in banking, where he led major projects such as
implementing internet banking, pay now / pay later cards and later also led the retail division. He
was subsequently named the CEO of the human resource agency Naton Work service. Today, he is
managing his team of 1.500 employees in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. As agency work is gaining
more recognition and is expanding throughout all markets, Brane is convinced that a blockchain
solution is the next step in terms of bringing better solutions to employers and employees alike.


Mitja joined the world of taxes in 2004. For the last 8 years, he has been a partner and head of the
tax at BDO Slovenia. He is leading a team of 9 fully-fledged tax advisors specialized in different
tax areas. Mitja’s area of expertise is corporate income tax, international tax and transfer pricing.
Recently, due to his clients’ needs, Mitja expanded his tax knowledge and adopted the specifcs of
blockchain and now acts as a blockchain tax expert.

More Information :

Website : https://www.the4thpillar.io/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/The4thPillarLtd/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/the4thpillarltd

Medium : https://medium.com/@the4thpillar

Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3038672

Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/company/4th-pillar/

Whitepaper : http://the4thpillar.io/documents/whitepaper.pdf


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