ATLANT is the next generation real estate platform with basic blockchain technology. Key features of the Atlant platform provide revolutionary capabilities in terms of safety, efficiency, and profitability in the global real estate market. ICO Atlant will take place in September, with the launch of the platform to be held in March 2018.

Atlant Platform, Offers The Most Efficient Solution For Buying Or Selling Property Units With Tokens.

As a real estate platform that works globally with blockchain technology, ATLANT platform comes to become problem solving with the new great features; tokenized ownership as well as the global peer to peer (P2P) rentals. The platform with the new features will give more benefits. Find what benefits that can be gotten by using the real estate platform ATLANTbelow. Besides, find to know about the token allocation below.

The Benefits of ATLANT Real Estate Platform

There are some benefits that can be gotten from the real estate platform of ATLANT, the benefits are such as:


The blockchain technology used by ATLANT will guarantee the rental agreements or asset ownership of the members. It will provide the decentralized records store that is proof of tamper.

Price Discovery

The assets of the members on real estate are all tokenized. So they all can be traded on the digital exchanges of asset anytime the owners want. Besides, it is also making sure that the price id discovered and transparent.

The Accessibility

The real estate investment is denominated in tokens that are divisible, so that the users can diversify the asset holdings of them and also invest with the modest size of portfolio.


The asset prices will not change substantially even though the sellers and buyers can trade the property tokens digitally.

The Fees are Low

In the real estate platform of ATLANT, the overhead is eliminated and the lower commissions are substantially paid by the users both on rental and purchase transactions through the smart contracts processing.


The blockchain will be the place to confirm the settlement and ratings of the transaction. It can’t be modified when it has been created so that the disputes can be eliminated and the real estate market efficiency can be improved.

The Token Allocation in ATLANT Real Estate Platform

Before you use the real estate platform of ATLANT, you must need to know the details of the presale and ICO. The total stock of ATL tokens will be in the limit of 375 million and the 315 million of it will be delivered throughout the ICO period. Meanwhile, 5,625,000 will be allocated for pre-sale and the amounts remained will be for the team, advisors, BoD, and also bounty.

Ethereum blockchain is the issuer of the ATL token. The design is similar with the implementation standards of token that have been adopted widely. It enables the token holders to store and then manage the ATL tokens by using the solutions made such as by using the Ethereum Wallet.

The crowdfunding (pre-sale and ICO) of ATLANT and also the creation of ATL token will be done by using the smart contracts of Ethereum. Every participant’s willing in supporting the development of ATLANT will send the Ether to the address of Ethereum smart contract specifically.


The pre-sale of ATLANT will start in the date of August 1, 2017. The pre-sale’sexchange rate per 1 ETH is 1010 ATL, and the totalATL tokens will be 5,625,000.


The ICO of ATLANT will start in the date of September 7, 2017. The ICO exchange rate per 1 ETH is 505 ATL, and the total ATL tokens will be 315,000,000.

The great benefits of ATLANT platform and the 50% discount of the ongoing pre-sale will certainly become great reasons for you to choose this platform with the blockchain technology. Becoming one of the members will make it possible for you to get the benefits. So, use the ATLANT as your real estate platform today so that you can enjoy the benefits and prove the more beneficial token allocation.

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