BitClave is a decentralized ecosystem platform, this is the next generation of data privacy. With this platform, you can promote your services and products in a more effective way. It is different from the conventional system. Promoting your offers in this ecosystem will allow you to connect directly to the right people. When you use this platform, your ads will be delivered to consumers who are looking for the products and service you offer. It is because consumers willingly join the service. And they choose the service they want to get. As a result, you will be able to control who can see your ads. And it leads to more sales and brand awareness.

In this ecosystem, you don’t need to pay for any middlemen. You have more control on the promotion you make. This surely gives you several advantages. One of them is that it allows you to save your advertising budget. With this ecosystem, you can promote your products and services in more affordable price. With the omission of middlemen, your business data will be more secured. It is widely known that large companies that act as middlemen often sell business data to brokers. This ecosystem will surely free you data security concerns.

BitClave is not only advantages for business practitioners. It also offers benefits for consumers. They will get commission for viewing the ads. Moreover, it allows them to get the products and services they need easily.

Features of BitClave

Payment target is “you yourself”

The partner that the retailer should pay to use your data is not your advertising company like Google, Facebook, Amazon, but yourself.

Encryption for the general public

Cit which is a BitClave token is not a purchase, it earns by shared data, and it can trade like other encryption currencies.

Personal data management

The content you search and what you click on are managed by individuals. Companies wishing to trade with you need to pay for it.


The Blockchain technology that BitClave uses will ensure the security and confidentiality of user data for the project. That is, you will not have anything to worry about , BitClave has already bothered about your well-beingby choosing Blockchain . This is really the right decision, because after studying the strategy of Blockchain I realized that in this world this is one of the safest and most reliable technologies.

Like other cryptographic projects, BitClave has its own currency — it’s the cryptographic currency CAT — the CAT token. CAT will be used by Bitclave network users. CAT is the native symbol of an ecosystem based on Ethereum. CAT will be used to facilitate the work of the smart contract in the ecosystem.

CAT CATEGORIES can be purchased during the ICO project (which, by the way, will last a month — from September 15, 2017 to October 15, 2017 ), you can also get CAT tokens as a reward for participating in the bountycampaign of the project (posts, reposts , blogs, media, video, translations and more), get as a payment for the search , that is, you will search for a specific product referring to certain companies and for this receive a reward; and also the CAT token you can get, informing your companies about your personal data concerning search by certain parameters (all the time your data is not known to anyone, they are confidential, your personal information is owned only by you). Your personal information is completely secure. You can easily sell a CAT token on the market, like any other crypto currency. Everything is very simple.

The BitClave project provides what is truly significant for the world as a whole. While this is known to a limited number of people, but over time, the whole world will learn about this grandiose project . They will enjoy everything. Do not miss your chance, and become one of the first numbers of theBitclave project participants, go in —

BitClave will bring tremendous benefits to the customer because it will transfer the saved value of advertising, as the concept of an intermediary from the advertising industry will be eliminated and the advertiser will directly connect to its target audience — thus dramatically reducing the cost of an advertiser who will not throw money on advertising but will use money only for communication with potential customers.

The decentralized ecosystem “BitClave Active Search Ecosystem” (BASE) provides BitClave users with huge advantages. Its function is that it directly connects business with consumers , it stores in Blockchainblocks large volumes of data about consumers collected at different points of certification. The data will be used exclusively for analytical purposes without violating the rules of confidentiality of personal information.


You can support this project and buy a token — CAT. The CAT token was sold in pre-sale and collected more than $ 1.8 million in the second stage. In the continuation of CAT tokens will also be sold in ICO, which will start from September 15, 2017 and end on October 15, 2017. With a price of 1 CAT — $ 0.05

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