Have you known a decentralized system that supports service industry? This is about it. The world had it easy a century ago. Despite the fact that correspondence may take weeks or months to arrive, graduates could bank on a job waiting for them after graduation — or an offer soon to locate them. Those who couldn’t leverage education were sure to cash in on their individual abilities to service their community in one capacity or the other. Fast-forward a hundred years later and we can now communicate with anybody from anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye, shuttle from one hemisphere to the other in hours rather than years, and avail ourselves of any goods or services from the comfort of our communication devices. Unfortunately for most, this is all their devices are capable off as they hop from one employment agency to the next in search of their next gig. But what if there was a decentralized platform where you can directly leverage and monetize your skills without some third-party agency taking a sizeable chunk of your hard work as “commission” fee? What if the platform can guarantee and secure every exchange on their network — no more the dubious reputations, fake reviews, and contract default? With ConnectJob, these are no longer hypothetical scenarios, but rather, a fully-fledged service platform for mobile devices!


“Decentralization” is one of the words that is used in the cryptoeconomics space the most frequently, and is often even. ConnectJob is a decentralized jobbing platform that is set to do to the service industry, what Uber did to the taxi industry through blockchain technology. For the first time in history, on-demand workers from anywhere in the world will be able to truly become their own bosses through the elimination of third-party intermediaries — those same guys you’ve been paying commissions too for dropping you in the middle of no-man’s land, by the way.


Have you ever tried to hire this incredibly talented artist from Indonesia to commission your piece, only to discover that engaging their services is not as simple as grabbing coffee across the street. You have to wait on the bank to confirm this, transact that, and authorize those. In the week it takes to finally get the fund to your artist’s account, that fickle law of collective consciousness might just have bestowed your idea to someone else. Not your fault, but if only there had been a way for you to expedite the whole process.

Grabbing The Jobbing Marketplace By The Horns With Blockchain Technology

Currently, there are over 4 billion mobile phone users. This number is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. With ConnectJob tokens, CJT, you can instantly settle all kinds of services and engagement without worrying about geographical location or even if the user has a bank account! CJT reduces the complexities of engaging skilled personnel to something as simple as sending a text message. Better yet, why not just use ConnectJob mobile app to locate those jobbers in your area instead of using the platform’s ground-breaking geolocation tools? The online, independent professional has come a long way from being looked down and frowned upon as individuals who just can’t “hack” it together in the early 2000s, to spearheading a brand new, on-demand economy where contracted tasks and jobs can be executed by anyone from any part of the world. Buoyed by technological advancements, especially in the field of mobile computing, on-demand gigs have become one of the most respectable career path, making up an impressive 35% of the workforce in the United States. Gone are those days when “self-employed” or “jobbing” was a euphemism for unemployed. Now, it is associated with an unprecedented level of freedom, possibilities, and flexibility. Freelancers Now Make Up 35% Of U.S. Workforce, Shutterstock A large-scale survey of the freelance economy shows that the number of freelance workers is growing. Ranging from taxi rides to auditing, gardening and home cleaning, companies and individuals are finding it easier and more cost effective to hire work-ready talents from anywhere in the world without increasing their fixed costs. For businesses, this enables them to adjust their staffing and business needs, channel their reduced overheads into profitable ventures, and enable them to work nimbly. For individuals, this means getting their job done with a more personal touch.

Studies have revealed that the independent worker is just as passionate and enterprising as the businesses they work for due to the fact that on-demand workers are their own bosses, solely responsible for their own failures and successes. However, work in the gig economy is currently regulated by centralized platforms that controls all interaction between the worker and their client. These platforms are characterized by a lack of job security and labour protections. Workers may end up not getting paid for services executed and service seekers may wound up paying more than initially agreed upon. Various services and solutions have been proposed to address the issue and improve users’ protection, privacy and security, but none as groundbreaking as ConnectJob. Difficult to earn and easily broken, trust is the foundation of any business venture, more so in a landscape where you are never certain who the person behind that display screen is. You are trusting whoever is at the other end of the screen to not only hold up their own end of the bargain, but to also be as efficient as they claim to be. For some companies, trust is a factor they just can’t afford to the gamble. ConnectJob is a blockchain-based, mobile application that connects the daily needs of users to highly skilled and qualified workers, known as Jobbers, to execute them. These jobbers have been rigorously tested and reviewed by local team recruiters to ensure a “best-in-class” service delivery for platform users.

What DO They Offer?

ConnectJob provides fast and easy access to qualified jobbers. Need your garden mowed, your hair dressed, someone to drive you about town, or your own personal trainer? Download the app for iOS and Android devices and start engaging jobbers in your locality — or offer your services as a jobber too. CJT eliminates friction by ensuring that jobbers are only paid when the terms of engagement has been met according to information recorded in their smart contracts. Service seekers can leverage CJT for exclusive 10% discount on every service engagement on the platform, priority access to Jobbers during peak demand, and guaranteed 5-star Jobbers for any type of service. Jobbers can also leverage the token for VIP / Premium” services, top referencing, more user reviews, profiles unlock and in-depth user details, services hotspot map, and map of services prices. ConnectJob will regularly be distributing a portion of commission fees received on the platform to existing CJT holders when key milestones targets are achieved. Every CJT token holder will be able to voice their opinion on the company’s strategic decisions, features, and direction.

Are you a dedicated, hardworking and a progressive person towards your work who hasn’t tasted success yet? How about discovering the ultimate way through which you can showcase your hidden talents and get paid? Today, there are endless opportunities available for one and all to get exactly what they wish to opt for. The world is big place and with endless options running all around you, it gets even easier to understand which sector suits you the best. The solution comes from ConnectJob, which is a unique world that gathers all the services and serves them to the individuals with the help of a universal application.


ConnectJob is an application that is totally universal and provides the users with a variety of open-ended options to fit the needs of the users. The economic world is growing up at a fast pace and the service providers aim at providing a variety of services that include: Coaching, Cleaning, Driving, and many such open-ended services with the help of which the clients are benefitted.

With ConnectJob, it becomes easy to give a chance to everyone who is willing to show their skills in some designated area.


The aims of ConnectJob are clear and straight. They include:

  • With ConnectJob, it becomes very easy to for the users to manage all the assets they own with the help of CJT token. This wipe of chances for a third-party involvement.

  • For the future, ConnectJob looks to provide an opportunity to the service providers that will allow them to transfer their respect to another platform in an easy and decentralized manner.

  • Integration with the decentralized apps that are built on blockchain network.


ConnectJob tries to make connections with those service providers who are highly trained and educated for the matter of fact. It guarantees that the work is to be done by the workers who have complete knowledge of it.

The advantages that it aims to serve includes:

  • Sit Back and Chill: ConnectJob looks to save the time for the people and o the favors for them.

  • Making connection is easy: With just one click everything is possible. The applications are very user-friendly and allow anyone to order services as per their requirement.

  • Best Services: ConnectJob assures providing the best services to one and all. Professional assistance is guaranteed by the service providers.

  • Secure Environment: The service providers in the platform are certified and know how to do their job in an effective manner. Providing privacy and safety is the primary goal of ConnectJob.

The Token Sale

The ICO of ConnectJob will be conducted in two major phases.

The total token that ConnectJob will issue accounts to is 300,000,000. However, out of this, only 195,000,000 tokens will be made available during the pre-ICO and ICO.

The ICO starts from 12th February 2018 and will continue till 30th April 2018. The conversion rate of the token is 1 ETH = 2,400 CJT. During the earlier weeks, there will be discounts too and to get the best option, participating in the ICO in a couple of weeks would be the best option.


Everything is good when Blockchain has got the back. With Blockchain, ConnectJob becomes one of the most secure, cost-effective, and decentralized platform that will help in solving the problems of everyone who are having a tough time looking for paid services. ConnectJob makes life a lot easier and also, intends to open bright and successful opportunities for everyone who is involved in it.


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