Dynatiq connects $400m anually worth industry
with blockchain technology.


On Dynatiq, you can sell your online business (including domains, websites, source codes).
Dynatiq is decentralized service with 0% fee.
We are using cutting-edge technology to provide blockchain based decentralized service for
$250m – $500m per annum industry.
Domains or websites marketplaces that are available today provide centralized solutions that
can’t be trusted.
Our blockchain decentralized marketplace provides a solution for this.
Our team consists of talented experts with 4 years experience in blockchain technology.
Optional Escrow will be available on our blockchain based decentralized business marketplace
to prevent fraud and provide a various advantage for people that transacts with it.
A trust and feedback system will also be implemented.
With the aid of our technology, we will provide decentralized blockchain system for traffic or
domain verification thereby preventing anyone from getting scammed. Our bounty programs
will be evenly distributed across various industries.
In summary, Dynatiq will simply replace domain marketplaces with centralized solutions that
exist for customers with a dynamic strategy that works based on blockchain technology and
this will boost customer and brand relationship. This new technology will enhance the
participation of customers and brands on website and domain marketplaces to ensure
maximum security and increase the value for participants


Less local adaptability
A centralized control of website, domain or business marketplace limits the quick
responsiveness and flexibility in management. If certain changes arise in economic conditions
which may lead to a change in operations or marketing, centralization will actually require
communication of local managers with people at the top. Consider a scenario where a domain
marketplace is involved in a controversial activity, centralization makes it difficult to deal with
this scenario thereby causing delays can lead to poor customer service.

Poor management
A centralized website or domain market limits management responsibilities. For website
managers with a high degree of importance in their role. Centralization delays the process
involved in a domain and website marketplace management

Limited Succession Planning
Another problem that affects centralization is health or other life events that may arise thereby
preventing them from carrying on. In centralized platforms, managers don’t have the
experience that is needed to make key decisions and learning how to manipulate them over

Poor Feedback
Business managers, web and domain employees face the problem of virtual distance in a
centralized structure. This limits the ability of people that interact with your customers to offer
feedback based on what customers want and the major corrections that are needed to be done
on the frontlines. The fact that frontline employees may also feel tired of offering feedback
especially considering the fact that their suggestions o”en falls on deaf ears.


No need for trust in a central authority
Most times, our information and money are being entrusted to governments and companies.
There are various scenarios where the trust we have in third parties usually lets us down. Trust
in various areas ranging from letting a product to back up all your photos to allow the startup to
be bought or thrown out of business. Lack of trust in a central authority also causes social
media to sell your data to advertisers. Decentralization technique will help you to eliminate the
trust that is bestowed upon third parties

Likeliness of a single point of failure
Single point of failure that results from outages caused by centralization websites is rampant.
Consider a scenario where Gmail shuts down thereby causing a halt in productivity as you are
hindered from accessing your email. Another case that can be considered is when your bank
shuts down due to maintenance process thereby hindering you from making online transfers to
settle debts and pay bills. In a decentralized network, the disturbance from a single node
cannot eliminate the working process of the other networks your applications will still be
working regardless of how users come and go.

Less censorship
Governments have access to shut down citizen’s social media access whenever they want to
censor reports of internal occurrences. If the government wishes to stop the operations on
twitter, for instance, they only need to stop traffic going to twitter’s central data. In the case of
peer to peer network, it is very difficult to censor traffic.


Dynatiq will start with a supply of 11,000,000 DTQ, of which 9,900,000 will be distributed to investors during the Crowdsale, 550,000 will be distributed for Bounty Program and remaining 550,000 tokens will be reserved for Team. Dynatiq team has plans to start the Crowdsale to collect the funds on April 25th until June 9th, 2018.

  • Token Name: DTQ
  • Token Protocol: ERC-20
  • ICO Period: April 25, 2018 – June 9, 2018
  • ICO price: 2,000 DTQ/ETH
  • Total Supply : 11,000,000 DTQ
  • For Sale : 10,000,000 DTQ
  • Hard Cap : 5,000 ETH
  • Soft Cap 1,000 ETH

Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH

So don’t missed to be part of Dynatiq! More detail about DTQ crowdsale, please check Dynatiq ICO Detailsand subscribed on Bitcointalk.


Q1 2017:
Research on domain & websites market.
Q2 2017:
Team building.
Q3 2017:
Development of marketplace.
Q4 2017:
Legal elaboration of the service.
Q1 2018:
ICO opens.
Android and iOS apps development.
Dynatiq will be added on altcoin exchanges.
Enhance online marketing campaign.
Q2 2018:
Recruiting additional developers.
Platform API for Merchants.
Optional escrow implementation.
Q3 2018:
Strengthen the partnerships.
Q4 2018:
Beta launch of our decentralized marketplace.


  • Abd al Uzza, Founder
  • Rashid Shalhoub, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Rayhan Saliba, Co-founder
  • Rasmi Deeb, Backend Developer
  • Bassam Kattan, Full-Stack Developer
  • Isam Harb, Community Manager

For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: Dynatiq Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #DTQ team!

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