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We know this nowadays crypto development is very broad and already known by many people, this is the latest breakthrough for the world economy, every time and where the person is located you can access it, many people who successfully achieve their dreams because they follow the development of cryprocurrency. Many investors are interested and you can also invest in it let us recall what ever said by world billionaires such as:

Mr. Bill Gates founder of microsof once said “The Future of money is digital currency” and also Mr. Jack Ma founder of Alibaba once said “Cryptocurrency is the key to your future wealth”

On this occasion I will discuss about the crypto that is for you that is about  HASH CARD


The superior functionality and ease of use offered by Hash Card makes it a must-have for those regularly having a foreign currency transaction. It’s the card that works for many uses in everyday world. One thing that makes it all the more appealing is the fact that it’s the first Bitcoin card with the ability to offer the following perks:

  • Instant conversions
  • Reliable exchange rates
  • Decentralized bank

Despite millions of dollars having been poured into similar concept, so far only Hash Card can truly deliver. So what makes this card superior than others? Here we will learn more about the Hash Card and all that it has to offer. Including the mission and advantages.


Despite promoting cryptocurrency, the physical Hash Card can actually be used in every merchant where debit and credit cards are accepted. Yes, it simply works like a regular debit and credit card. The Hash Card can be used both in the bricks and mortar establishment, and online. It features flexibility that is closely associated with the regular debit and credit cards, but with cryptocurrency.

Instead of spending the money you have in your bank account, you will spend Bitcoin, Ether or other altcoins. There are more than 25 altcoins featured in Hash Card, further offering the utmost flexibility. Not only that, the card also offers real time transaction which takes place directly each time after the card was swiped. Better yet, there is simply no transaction fee!

Yes, only the precise amount spent using the Hash Card would be exchanged from BTC, ETH, or Altcoins. The rest of the funds that belong to card owners remain stored in their wallet. Other than transaction, the card can also be used to exchange money. Using Hash Card App, you may do so at the precise exchange rates at the interbank!

With such incredible features above, it’s no wonder that the Hash Card becomes a superior alternative. This also contributes to the number of advantages it offers as well. To learn about its advantages, see the section below:

The Hash Card offers a peace of mind as it gives users the opportunity to enjoy interbank rates whenever they make transaction using the card. The Hash Card offers free, and real time fund transfer between the app users. From studies regarding its beta stage testing, the Hash card and its secure wallet has proven that it’s capable of enabling the launch of Hash Card on its public token sale.

The Hash Card itself are limited to the first 3000 subscribers. With its distribution in batches, the Hash Card is predicted to last for about two weeks. Its vision is to fully acquisize the uses of cryptocurrency in daily life, making it equal to fiat currencies. With this unique card, it’s obvious that both the users and cryptocurrency ecology reap the same benefits. Creating fluidity through both acceptance and use of Has Debit Card all across the globe. To learn more about the project, please visit https://hashcard.io.



  1. Karol Kozlowski, CEO
  2. Pawel Goch, CFO
  3. Vasiliy Gulyar, Business Development


  1. Alex Chang (Chia Ming), CEO at SONY Network
  2. Jason Hung, Entrepreneur, ICOBench Top expert, ICOMax Advisor, TimeBox Co-founder, Investor, Decentralized Exchange
  3. Conston Taylor, ICO Financial Advisor at Blockvest LLC
  4. Mofassair Hossain, PR and Marketing Management at Mobiuz Crypto Blockchain – Zero-Fraud Ads in Taxis, Ubers, & Buses Worldwide
  5. Zahid Imran, Crypto specialist , ICO Advisor, entrepreneur, ICO Specialist , Blockchain expert ,Financial consultant, crypto expert/Trader/ Crypto enthusiasts

For detailed About Team Members descriptions please check out: HashCard Team or Join Telegram to communicate with #LIKE team!



More Informations :
  Official Website https://hashcard.io
  Blog https://medium.com/@sm_46693
  Twitter https://twitter.com/hashcard
  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hashcard.io
  LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/hashcard
     Telegram https://t.me/hashcard
  Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hashcard
  YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_j6cMYThgDcDlJuRzI-7Lg
  Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/TipBlockchain
  Whitepaper Download!
  Announcement https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3336703.0

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