SnapCity is the new geographic location and discovery application. It will soon be available from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. SnapCity gives users the opportunity to get to know the best that cities around the world can offer and be rewarded for it. Customers are rewarded with points for making challenges, and these points can be used at local businesses for discounts and/or free items.

SnapCity’s target audience is young or millennial travelers. They have the habit of using their mobile phones for their daily tasks and are already used to other social media platforms such as SnapChat, Facebook, Pokemon Go. It has also been shown that millennia are the age group most likely to use discount coupons, with 90% claiming that they used discount coupons within the last 6 months when shopping online. Inter-railing is well known, Inter-railing is buying a train ticket that is valid for the whole of Europe, tickets last from 2 to 3 weeks, and you can visit many cities all over Europe.


Tourism is a large industry that contributes $7.2 trillion to the global economy in 2016, and is likely to increase in the future as flights become cheaper and the world becomes more accessible.

Snapcity aims to take advantage of this growing trend by enabling users to overcome challenges around the world, helping users recognize the importance of innovation and innovation.

Attractions and attractions in a faster city, an entertaining and enjoyable application where users can interact with their friends and help promote local businesses.

“The possibility of booking using mobile devices is now the second biggest consideration after the price.”

young travelers under 30 years of age, have seen the greatest increase in the number of nights spent on holiday and are also the most active age group on mobile phones and online platforms. They also qualify the possibility of booking tickets and other mobile phone features as very important.


Figure 1 shows that the number of nights abroad has increased in the last decade and the upward trend is very favourable for SnapCity.

The number of nights is increasing by about 10 nights a year (approximately 10% annual increase



SnapCity users will be able to see their current location and nearby challenges in the map view. There is a great diversity of pin colors. The red color indicates system challenges (challenges created by SnapCity) that are not yet finished, once completed they turn green. Blue flags are challenges that have been created by a friend. Yellow markers are the last type of marker, yellow markers are user-generated challenges that are public. Yellow challenges are visible to all nearby SnapCity users, and the first user to complete the challenge gets the points.

Users can click on bookmarks to read more facts about the challenge, see how many points are available for the challenge and view photos of the challenge gallery (for business system challenges, for user-created challenges that the challenge creator adds). The challenge information is in the language set by the user on the account tab.

Complete challenges

When a user (challenge from now on) performs a system challenge, their location at the time of taking the photo is compared in our service module to the actual location of the challenge, if the challenge is within the challenge range, then they will complete the challenge and collect the points. System challenges are generated by SnapCity through our web interface.

Spending points

When a person with difficulties has earned points, the person with difficulties can use these points by offering them some points as a reward for having completed challenges for their friends, or as a discount towards attractions around the world. Since these points are universal, the points accumulated in one city (e. g. Amsterdam) can be used in another (e. g. Barcelona).

Additional features

As already mentioned, there are some additional features. Users are able to create challenges to challenge their friends, or to challenge the public (anyone within the scope of the challenge). In addition to this, we are currently developing video and systems challenges that are only available for a certain period of time (or for the first users to complete the challenge).

What is a SnapToken?

SnapTokens are an ERC20 token and are deployed on the Ethereum Main Network.

SnapTokens are the coin used in SnapCity, SnapTokens can be used by companies.

To publish to SnapCity. Users also use SnapTokens to generate challenges. (as a reward), for their friends or as public challenges.

This can be seen below:

Uses of SnapToken

As described above. SnapTokens can be used by companies to advertise on SnapCity.

Investors can also use them to invest in SnapCity ahead of time, as tokens provide the token owner with the ability to advertise on SnapCity, and their value will increase as the application becomes more successful. This means that you as an investor feel encouraged to help promote SnapCity and make it a success. Companies currently pay up to 40% commission on advertising on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Booking. com. Unlike these other systems with SnapCity, you pay a fixed fee instead of a “per-click fee. This encourages companies to expand and grow and our market research has been a real success so far.

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