T. It is based on a mechanism for the execution of contracts and a distributed state register designed to improve the Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies through changes introduced with emphasis on tokenization and contractual agreements.

According to Borodich, the platform provides a gateway for services that would automatically accept any input electronic documents and issue standard output documents based on the rules and conditions of the logic of smart contracts.

Universa Blockchain can be used in the transfer of property rights, contracting, as electronic keys and identifier. Universa uses a very high degree of crypto protection. Transactions are made without creating a purse, the system member can store his documents (in the form of capsules) wherever and how, safely copying them to unprotected media and transferring in any way through the network. To discuss deals in Universa there is a secure communication system.

The key advantages of Universa over Bitcoin and Ethereum

1. Universa represents a new generation of block-technologies

Universa was originally developed not as a crypto currency, but as a protocol for creating and managing chains of smart contracts. Due to this, Universa does not depend on the mining process. As a result, processing of all operations on the Universa protocol takes place very quickly and at minimal cost.

2. Universa 1000 times faster

Universa offers a fundamentally new functionality and this functionality will become a huge number of processed transactions up to 20,000 transactions per second. For example, this figure is in Ethereum 15, and in bitcoin and even less than 3-6 operations per second. Universa does not need a mining process to verify transactions and smart contracts.

3. Transactions in the Universa system are 100 times cheaper than in Bitcoin

It is illogical to pay $ 3.85 for a microtransaction in a few cents. Namely, so much is the transfer of a small amount to the Bitcoin network. Such a high cost is due to speculative nature and high volatility of Bitcoin. Smart contracts on the platform Universa allow you to reduce the cost of commission for the transfer of hundreds of times.

4. Universa a completely new system of smart contracts

Universa allows you to create chains of smart contracts to solve almost any business problem. They can be used both in intracorporate processes, and for creating public applications. For example:

Smart key for car

Club card at spa and fitness centers

Elements of the smart house that interact with each other

Payment cards for parking lots and gas stations

Tracking of goods in logistics transportation

In the near future, these and many other options for using smart contracts will become a reality thanks to the Universa platform.

5. Universa are real “smart money”

Universa greatly simplifies the process of making transactions in e-commerce. The protocol makes it possible to carry out automated payments in any currencies and immediately draw up all the necessary payment documents using smart contracts. Also, Universa greatly simplifies the process of obtaining loans on the Internet, creating electronic exchange offices, processing customs declarations, etc.

There is no doubt that Universa will soon become one of the key blockbuster platforms and will firmly enter into various spheres of business. Alexander Borodich does not hide his ambitious plans and openly declares that he wants to attract at least $ 100 million to ICO. Today Alexander, who in the past was the top manager of Mail.ru Group, is the most active venture investor in Russia and is the founder of kraudinvesting site Venture Club.

1. The standard for the structure and method of representing protected data, which can be arbitrary electronic storage units,

2. A set of rules and protocols for the processing of contracts of any kind,

3. Basic protocols for the provision of services.

4. Service of assurance / time stamp of objects (Time Stamp). The service provides an opportunity to verify / verify objects, perform their transactions.

5. Communication service.

In the protocol Universa smart contracts are really smart, and this greatly expands their implementation in the real business. Universa’s smart contracts are more than applicable for programming all types of applications, both intra-group and those that already work in the blockroom.

For example:

Car smart key / CarSharing, with a short-term car rental with per minute or hourly payment, which creates a chain of contracts for the owner of the vehicle. The owner can temporarily bind another key (in the Valet mode) or transfer all rights to another owner (upon sale). If a GPS system is installed in the car, you can release a key that works in a specific field (city, country, country). In this case, the phone or smart key can act as a regular key;

Hotel, shopping center, gym, SPA. Universal contract can create one universal


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